DeStressify Pro

DeStressify is a very powerful application that can be extremely useful in our busy and multifaceted lives. The value in this app is the content and how it can be used to transform the quality of life. We’ve reviewed the Pro version which unlocks all content. There are educational resources such as video and written content explaining what exactly is stress, how it works, why this app’s program is successful and more. There are many life practice tools including a variety of exercises for calming, balancing your life, relaxing, energizing, maintaining joy, even importing videos from your device or YouTube if you are aware of any great resources.

DeStressify Progress

Before practice sessions, you are requested to rate your stress and sleep levels the prior night. This data is collected over time to show various charts and metrics. These include stress levels over time, stress before compared to stress after practice, comparison of stress before & after by category, minutes practiced vs stress level, quality of sleep plus more. It’s very useful to visually see how you are doing over time.

Majority of the practice sessions are audible with written descriptions. Most are really short in duration ranging from 5-20 minutes (10 minutes on average). Here you will experience relaxing mediation techniques spoken by the subject matter expert which include guided imagery, visualizations, breathing and more. After closing your eyes and listening to just one session I’m sure your stress level will decline… mine surely did. 🙂

Practice sessions can be managed and scheduled under My Plans– even set reminders for when you would like to participate. Additionally, the app features nutritional help. It suggests healthier eating habits like more vegetables & fruit, consuming more grains, high protein foods, drinking plenty of water, avoiding processed foods, sodas, trans fat, and more tips.

Overall I find the user interface and user experience to be a bit quirky and slightly cumbersome to navigate. It’s convenient that you can listen to audio in the background. For example you can open another app while it’s playing in the background or turn the screen off while continuing to listen. However, the audio stops if you visit another part of the DeStressify app. It would be nice to be able to listen in the background there too. Perhaps placing a mini player in the notifications window with controls when audio or video are playing would resolve this.

DeStressify is a great app for educating yourself on the risks of stress, documenting and measuring your own, plus learning to use powerful techniques to cope with or battle mental, physical and emotion imbalances. There is a free version to try out and if you’re wondering… the paid version is definitely worth the spend!